Behind the Scenes at our KOMO news appearance!

A couple of weeks ago, Wenmei and I had the fun and unique experience of being on our local news broadcast talking about Mamas With Cameras! Being who we are, we of course had our cameras with us :-). Here are some behind the scenes pictures, and also the link to the actual news segment for the many of you who have been asking!

We were very excited and truthfully pretty nervous when we arrived at the news room headquarters. I mean, live TV and all, the potential for bloopers /inappropriate nervous laughter was huge. But we relaxed a bit when we took our cameras out!

Wenmei read this awesome article about “power poses” that you can do before public speaking. So we were both doing the “Wonder Woman” pose in the green room area.

Wenmei and I sat in the green room, interviewing each other going over our talking points over and over to make sure we didn’t forget anything. I even wrote some notes on my hand, but Wenmei said that she could see the writing on my hand because of how much I use my hands when I talk, so I had to scrub the ink off in the KOMO TV lunch room.

This was our view into the news room. They are a very laid back, fun crew. I am sure they thought we were crazy running around with our cameras and posing like Wonder Women and then watching me obsessively wash my hands for 8 minutes, but every time we interacted with them they were very fun and positive!

The producer who put our mikes on asked us, “So, have you ever done anything like this before?” to which we answered, “Well, we’ve been sitting here interviewing each other for the past 10 minutes, does that count?”

Our interview aired at 4:38pm, so after 40 minutes of hanging out in the green room it was SHOW TIME! Mary Nam, the host, was an excellent interviewer and really helped put us at ease. She posed with us after the segment during a commercial break!

After the segment aired, Wenmei and I both had a post-interview amnesia of sorts, but were then flooded by texts from our Mamas With Cameras ladies letting us know that all was ok! The most fun part of seeing the segment was watching the photos loop through, all taken by alums of our workshop. We only wish they had used all the beautiful photos that we submitted!!

All in all, our first experience with the afternoon news was pretty fun, I think we’ll be ready for prime time next :-)! Here is the news segment if you’d like to watch!

If you like the segment and want to take pictures like the ones featured on the B-roll, be sure to put our January Introduction to Digital Photography Workshop on your holiday wish list!

Thanks to all for your enthusiasm and support for our first news appearance!

P.S. If for some reason you can’t see the embedded video above, click HERE!