Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Photo-Happy Moms!

Mother’s Day is coming up, and we photography-obsessed mamas have a secret for you people who are thinking about gifts. Yes, chocolate is yummy and we will eat it and then it will be gone, only to linger annoyingly on our hips. Yes, flowers are beautiful but in a week they will die and they will be yet another thing around the house that needs cleaning up after. No, we don’t want any “cool household gadgets” that will help us cook or clean or do anything that means we have to put down our cameras.

For Mother’s Day, why not give a gift that complements and enhances our passion for photography? We are sharing our list of things that Mamas with Cameras are (not so secretly) lusting after!

1. A Gorgeous Camera Bag.

Thankfully, the camera bag world is starting to catch up to the fact that a) women enjoy photography and b) we don’t like carrying gross-looking bags that look like our kid’s lunch should be in there. Here are some great camera bag examples:

Kelly Moore has some lovely bags!

The 2 Sues Bag


Or the B-Hobo Bag



The Lyric Bag by Epiphanie


2. An awesome women’s camera strap.

These Black Rapid straps are a staple at Mamas With Cameras. They are comfy, adjustable, and make it easy to pull out your camera when you are chasing your toddler.

BlackRapid RS-W1


The Joby is another similar strap:

Joby Ultrafit Sling Strap


There are also cute replacement straps or strap covers that you can get on Etsy in all kinds of patterns & colors:

Made by Meegz Quick Release Camera Strap



3. A fun lens!

Yes, the 24mm f/1.4 would be a blast, BUT, if your “Mother’s Day” budget is a bit more modest, try a Lens Baby, a fun replacement lens that creates fun photography effects!

Lens Baby lenses



4. A portable tripod!

The Joby Gorilla Pod is a versatile tripod that will enable us to set the camera on auto-timer and actually be IN a photo or two!

Joby Gorilla Pod SLR Zoom


5. Take and/or frame a picture of us with our kid(s).

As the family paparazzi, we are almost never in our family photos. Nothing is a bigger treasure than those rare moments where we are actually in a good picture with our kids. Try an 8×10 gallery frame like this one at Pottery Barn!

Pottery Barn Wood Gallery Single Opening Frames:



6. Give her a space in one of our upcoming Mamas with Cameras Workshops!

Mamas who are shooting lots of pictures with a new DSLR but have no time (or desire) to read the instructions enjoy taking our Introduction to Digital Photography, or gals who have taken our Intro Workshop who want to get comfortable shooting in challenging light enjoy our follow up workshop, Shooting in Manual! There are also Mamas who have piles of pictures and just need an afternoon to get inspired to make a Creative Photobook!

Our workshops are hands-on, fun, and a fast way to get comfortable and grow as a photographer! We can send printable gift certificates that you can hide in the chocolate box for a REAL mother’s day surprise! (Now that would be a photo-op!)

mwc_intro mwc_manual

You can find a lot of these products (plus a few more gift ideas!) in the Mamas with Cameras Amazon store if you’re a fan of one-stop shopping (and/or free 2-day shipping for Prime or Amazon Mom members)!

Happy Shopping! 🙂