November Save the Date! Dec Intro to Digital Photography is OPEN!

Hello Mamas!

We have lots of fun things brewing here for Fall! Save the date for November’s open meeting: Lightroom Secrets from our favorite Nikonista, Wenmei Hill, November 21st 6:30- 8pm at the Fremont Library! We also have a really fun January meeting in the works about making PHOTOBOOKS! Stay tuned for more on that. I think we all need more of our pictures in the “printed” world :-).

Also, we’ve opened one last introductory workshop for the Fall, on Saturday December 3rd! We hope you’ll help spread the word! (And psst… for those of you who are wanting to drop hints for a workshop as a Holiday Gift we also have one coming up on January 28th, 2012!)

Here is the SSP text for those of you who are awesome enough to post for us on your Mama Lists! We have Ballard Moms, Greenlake Moms, Queen Anne Moms and Wallingford Moms covered, but we always like to cast a wide net!


Hi Mamas!

By popular demand we’ve added one more Mamas With Cameras Introduction to
Digital Photography before the holidays! (A great early present to give to
YOURSELF!) This is a perfect workshop for you if you are a Mama with a digital
SLR camera who has only been shooting in the automatic mode because you’re a bit intimidated by all the settings, and you don’t have time to read your camera’s
instruction manual (who does really?!). After a fun afternoon shooting and
learning alongside your fellow Mamas, you’ll see a huge difference in your skill
level! See more workshop details and register at !

We’re excited to provide a small, fun, hands-on workshop that is provides tips
geared towards mamas who want the photos of important milestones in the lives of their children to be as moving and inspiring as the moments themselves. We
create an open & friendly environment where there are no silly questions (but
sometimes a silly answer, to keep you smiling :-).)

Date: December 3rd
Time: 1-4:30pm
Registration at:

Promo code:
From now until November 10th, enter “earlybirddec” at checkout to receive $10

Mary & Wenmei
“Mamas With Cameras”


Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you in November!

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