Workshop: Introduction to Digital Photography

Hello Mamas!

We wanted to let everyone know that our September Introductory workshop is open for registration (and p.s. the Level 2 workshop is opening soon, scheduled for October 8th)! We hope you or your friends can join in the fun! Our workshops tend to fill quickly and we’ve received great reviews. Here’s a recent testimonial from Alison, who took our August Introductory workshop:

“I wanted to say thank you SO much for the wonderful workshop a few weeks ago. I feel like I learned a ton and am so, so, so much more comfortable with my camera now. We were at the beach this morning and I was able to adjust a few things on my camera (quickly, I might add) and take some pretty good shots of the girls…better than I’ve probably ever taken. I couldn’t help but include them in the email just so you can see. I still have lots to learn but I cannot express my gratitude enough for taking the time out of your busy schedules and making time to teach us all about our cameras. It has changed things for the better here at home…now there will be lots of pictures to put in scrapbooks thanks to the two of you!!!”

Thanks, Alison!! We’re blushing 🙂 !

Want more information about the workshop? Click here!

Ready to register? We look forward to spending a fun afternoon of photography with you!