Shooting in Manual Mode Workshop: Saturday September 15, 1-4:30pm

Hi Mamas!

The follow up class to our Introduction to Digital Photography Workshop is coming up on September 15th: Mamas With Cameras Level 2: Shooting in Manual Mode! We offer this workshop twice a year, it is a small class format designed to get you up and running in Manual Mode (M) on your camera using practical hands-on exercises and live models!

If you’ve ever had problems shooting in low light, and didn’t want to add flash, or you’ve been fussing around in manual mode but really don’t understand why some pictures turn out and others don’t, this afternoon workshop is for you!

Low light at the hospital? No problem in Manual Mode!

Here are some quotes from our last Level 2 workshop participants:

“The casual, friendly approach makes learning a complicated thing so much easier.”

“The information in the MWC workshops is always clearly communicated and understandable by even the least technical person.”

“Thank you so much.  I’ve taken a few different photography classes and this is the best by far.”

“You are great teachers and know your stuff.”
“It was a great way to learn about manual without making me crazy!”
We’re excited to help you take your photography to a whole new level.
We hope you’ll join us! Register now!
And also don’t forget about our upcoming meetup at Golden Gardens on August 27th!
Happy shooting!