The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift- A Lifetime of Beautiful Photos!

When we want photos that truly capture our kids, sometimes an iPhone just doesn’t cut it. If you’re starting to think of the perfect Mother’s Day gift for YOURSELF or the mama in your life, our Introduction to Digital Photography Workshop or our Taking Great Natural Light Photos in Manual (M) Mode Workshop (our next level up) are 3.5 hour afternoon workshops that will return a lifetime of memorable photographs! What mom doesn’t want great photos of the precious and fleeting moments of their kids as they grow up?



Did you buy a digital SLR camera but have no idea how to use it outside of the automatic setting? Does the idea of reading an instruction manual make you nauseous? Are you interested in taking amazing pictures of your kids, but feel intimidated by technology? We cut through technical jargon and teach you what you need to know to take great photographs of your kids.

In a few short hours, we’ll ground you in the basic definitions and controls on your digital SLR camera so that your photos of your child’s big milestones can be as beautiful and moving as the moments themselves.



Have you started to explore the different shooting modes in your camera, but are stumped in very low light or backlight situations? Have you shied away from shooting in Manual Mode (M) because it seems too overwhelming? Have you been experimenting with shooting in Manual and have no idea why your pictures are blurry or over/under-exposed?

This workshop is designed for Mamas who have basic familiarity with their digital SLRs and who have been shooting in the semi-automatic modes (P, A/Av and S/Tv mode), and are ready to take control of all kinds of different lighting situations in the fun-filled world of shooting in manual (M) mode!

Manual mode is great for tricky lighting situations (shooting in backlight, low natural light), and for times when the semi-automatic modes are not giving you the style of picture that you’re looking for.

The workshop will cover:

-A quick review of the exposure triangle (aperture, shutter, ISO) and focusing

-What the heck your meter (the -2/+2 scale in your viewfinder that moves all the time) is trying to tell you

-How to know which metering mode you should be in

-Exposing for different lighting situations (with lots of hands-on practice!!)

-How to use light to maximize the creative impact of your images- inside or out

To apply the concepts, we will be having hands-on shooting exercises and live models to practice on!

The small class size and women-only environment will ensure that you have plenty of opportunities to ask questions of the workshop leaders and have a fun, community learning experience! You won’t believe how far you’ll advance in just one afternoon!

Workshop space is limited and is on a first come, first serve basis.