Why Mamas with Cameras?

What sets a Mamas with Cameras workshop apart from the rest?

The Instructors
  • We are professional photographers who specialize in child, family and event photography.  This means that we have a ton of tips and tricks specific to capturing those special moments with your children and families!
  • Did you notice we said “instructors”?  Yep, you get TWO of us, which means twice the knowledge, twice the experience, twice the amount of personal attention, and twice the fun!  (It also means you have an alternative if one of our personalities or teaching styles doesn’t work for you.)
  • We have a deep wealth of knowledge and experience covering the major digital camera brands and can give you insight into the particulars of each brand.  We also make sure we’re current on the technology of all the brands, so it doesn’t matter if you shoot Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, Fujifilm, Panasonic, Pentax, or even Leica — we can help you!
  • We’re both local mamas (between us, we have five children).  We know where you’re coming from as a mama, we know the challenges you face when you photograph your families, and we know what it’s like to photograph in Seattle (with our unique light, weather, and topography).  We also carry wipes in our bags in case there are any spills during class.

The Workshop Structure
  • One of the most common comments we hear (other than “It’s so helpful to have such differing personalities and approaches to learn from”) is how special our women-only format is.  We love the men in our lives, but we appreciate having a workshop where we can interact as women, with women.  It’s a unique energy that keeps our workshops warm, supportive, safe and filled with laughter.
  • We think the best way to learn is to get out your camera and shoot!  We make sure to go through the fundamentals, but we give you lots of time for guided practice.
  • We focus on the practical and teach concepts that you can apply immediately to improve your photographs.  We know that most of you aren’t as interested in the technical details of digital photography (but we can tell it to you if you’re curious), so we present the information in friendly, easy-to-understand and practical terms.
The Next Step
  • Once you take a workshop, we hope that you will continue to learn with us!  We offer follow-on workshops for more advanced topics, and we also look forward to seeing you at our monthly meetings.  They are great opportunities to continue your own exploration into photography and to learn and grow with a group of like-minded mamas.